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Your Source for Condo &
Condo Hotel Information

Get the Facts on Condos & Condo Hotels

Have you been hearing about condo hotels but can't decipher all the hype from the facts?

Are you torn between buying a traditional condo and condo hotel?

Now you can get straightforward answers to all your questions. We offer detailed property descriptions, prices, photos and insider information.

Condo Hotel Center™ is the #1 resource for condo hotel information. We provide data on condo hotels around the world, and particularly Miami Beach, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean.

In addition, we provide information on top-selling condos, particularly in South Florida, where there's an abundance of quality inventory.

Condo Hotels Defined

Condo hotels, also known as condotels and apartotels, are typically high-rise, luxury properties in outstanding locations.

You can find them near beaches, golf courses, casinos, theme parks, and other desirable vacation destinations.

They are operated by prestigious hospitality companies like Hilton, Starwood, Trump, Four Seasons, W, and Ritz-Carlton.

Most condo hotels feature fabulous amenities and guest services. These can include full-service spas, resort-style pools, fine-dining restaurants, and concierges, making them the ultimate vacation getaway.

Receive Rent Revenue

As an owner, use your condo hotel unit when you'd like. When you're away, place it in the condo hotel's rental program and receive a portion of the revenue it generates.

The condo hotel management company takes care of renting, cleaning and maintaining your unit.

A condo hotel is a hassle-free, luxurious second home that generates rent revenue that can help offset the costs of ownership.

Traditional Condos Have Appeal Too

If you plan to live in your residence full-time or use it several months of the year as say your winter home, consider a traditional condo and avoid any of the usage restrictions imposed on condo hotels. 

In today’s market, you can find some amazing deals on luxurious, newly-built condos.

Condo Hotel & Condo Listings

On our site, you can view condo hotel and Florida condo property listings complete with photos. And for every property listed, we offer a free data sheet with more detailed information, prices, photos and floor plans.

Also, as a service to our customers, we provide FREE Property Alerts via e-mail. We often learn about condo hotel and condo buying opportunities before the general public, when prices are lowest and selection is greatest.

We can alert you to:

New condo hotel & condo properties

Sale prices on condo hotels & condos

Condo hotel & condo trends

You can subscribe to our Property Alerts here. You'll also receive at no charge a copy of The Condo Hotel Report.

It gives detailed information about the condo hotel concept and is a useful tool for anyone weighing the purchase of a condo hotel unit against a traditional condo.

Buyers Pay No Fees

As a licensed real estate broker, Condo Hotel Center charges NO FEES to buyers. Our commissions are paid only by sellers.

The price to buy a condo hotel unit or traditional condo through us is exactly the same as going directly to the property and buying from the developer's salespeople.

The difference is we offer you objective information and unbiased advice to help you comparison shop.

Save Time & Money

Our knowledge of condo hotel and condo inventory currently on the market may be the difference between your choosing a well-managed property that will appreciate rapidly or one of lesser quality that may have certain disadvantages.

We do not charge buyers for our services. So let us save you time and money by helping you make an informed decision.

Contact us today with your information request!


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